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Tablet aspect ratio inquiry

(Topic created on: 08/02/21 12:44)
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Hello and good day. Since many years my gadgets are Samsung phones and tablets. Now I'm looking again for a handy tablet, since my Tab S2 comes in his age. But... all tablets from Samsung do have this inconvenient aspect ratio of 16:9 or even 16:10 (like my Tab S6 😓) and I hate it.
Not all people spend their life on YouTube or TikTok, watching movies or playing games. Many people use their tablets to work with (it replaces more and more the notebook) or use the internet or even read a book. And... sorry but true... the aspect ratio of 4:3 (iPads) is way more convenient for these activities! Now I definitely wouldn't switch to an iPad, but allow me the question: Why is Samsung not manufacturing (beside all these video-and gamingtablets) a serious tablet for reading and working on? I know that many user would really appreciate that!
Soon I will bury the last of it's kind, my beloved Tab S2... lightweighted, slim, a screen like a book sheet. Where is a replacement? 😁
So please, please, Samsung, manufacture beside the others a tablet with an aspect ratio of 4:3 for the reader and worker among your customers. Please 😅🙏