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Tab S2 2016 (SM-T713/SM-T813) Software updates


Why has the 2016 flagship tablet been abandoned on android 7 nougat and not received android 8? They were launched with android 6 marshmallow being the 2016 version and upgraded to 7, but not 8? Although 9 is out now, why has this tablet only received 1 major update and not 2 as per your standard claim of 2 major updates? 

Also, no regular security updates. My T813 is currently still on August 2018!! Whereas my wife's T713 has just updated to January 2019.

Although I am a big Samsung fan I am extremely disappointed with the lack of support for your previous flagship tablets and may be forced to look elsewhere in the future for better backup. 

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Same here. Bought my Samsung Late 2018, it never received an update. It is so annoying!


Enforcing SEPOF_SECMOBILE_7.0_0010 April 3 2018

Security update was 04 2018


Talking to Samsung apparently it was manufacuted in 2015, they said they stopped support of the device after 2018?

Can Anyone Shine some light on this?? TIA


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