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Tab 3 10.1

(Topic created on: 24-07-2019 07:11 PM)
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Hi, my tab 3 shows 100% battery charge, But will only work (start up) with the battery charger conected (switched on) when the charger is removed the tab 3 shuts down.  This is only when  Power Saving Mode  is switch off. What do you think?

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Power issues


Follow the below troubleshooting steps in turn to determine the reason for your device charging slowly, not switching on, or switches off/restarts unexpectedly


If you have checked all the below steps and the issue is still occurring, you may have a fault with your device. You can find ways to contact us here.


Slow charging 



Do you have an official Samsung charger?

Some chargers that aren't provided by Samsung may not charge the device correctly. They might not provide enough amperage to charge the device, or too much therefore affecting the battery.

Incompatible chargers can be harmful to the battery and may short out in extreme circumstances.


The correct amperage for your device can be found in the device's manual and the amperage of a charger can normally be found on the plug.


Is there any damage to your charger?

Only use an undamaged charger in good condition


Check your charging port. Do you see any damage?

If there is damage to your charging port, you may need to book your device in for repair. Click one of the blue buttons at the bottom of this article for our contact details.


Are you using wireless charging?

Make sure that the device's back sits against the centre of the charging centre and remove any foreign materials between the device and the charger.

See here for more troubleshooting when using a wireless charger


How are you charging the device? 

Your device will charge faster if plugged into a wall socket, than if it is plugged into another device such as a laptop.


Is your software up-to-date?

Software updates often bring improvements to your device's software, including improvements for battery life, and can fix any known issues.

Click here to view steps showing you how to check for software updates



Device not switching on


Leave your device on to charge for 30 minutes (45 if you haven't used it in a week)

If the battery has been fully discharged, it may take a little longer to charge initially.


Perform a soft reset on your device 

Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for more than 7 seconds. Find out more about how to restart a frozen device here.



Clear the cache partition on your device.

1. Turn your device off, if it isn't off already.
2. Once the phone is off, hold the volume uphome and power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Keep holding the buttons until you see a Samsung Logo.
3. Using the volume down button, scroll down to wipe cache partition.
4. Press the power button.


 Device switches off or restarts unexpectedly


Does this happen when you are using a particular app?

Ensure that you only download apps from reliable and safe sources such as Galaxy Apps or the Google Play Store.

If you are having trouble with a particular app, you can put your device into Safe Mode to deal with it. Click here to find out more about Safe Mode.


How much space do you have left on your device?

Your device needs a minimum amount of storage space in order for its basic functions to run efficiently. If you do not have enough space, your device may run slowly or restart. 

Click here to find out how to check your storage and click here to view how to remove an app.



Does your device feel particularly hot when it switches off?

If your device becomes too hot, it might switch itself off automatically. This can be after running for a long time or when running more power-intensive apps, or if you have insufficient storage.


Ensure you keep your software up-to-date as such updates can enhance your device's performance and help reduce its operating temperature.



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I would like to thak the person who sent me this very full reply. Thank you.



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To say Thanks, just click on the thumb, if it solve your problem click on "Acccept as solution " to help other people with tbe same problem. I'm happy to think it solved your problem.


Havec a nice day



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