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Seriously misled about functionality

(Topic created on: 27-06-2020 08:59 PM)
First Poster

Yesterday morning I was interested in buying a Galaxy Tab S5e tablet but I had some questions about functionality first. I started a chat session on the Samsung website with a lady who seemed determined to get me to buy from my first word.


I wanted to know if I could connect an external CD drive, kindle or flash drive to the tablet.  She said yes I just needed a USB-OTG cable and I could do all those things.  She checked the Samsung site but the cable was not available there so she sent me links to John Lewis and Amazon and asked again if I would buy now.  I said I was sorry but I wanted absolute confirmation that I could connect the 3 devices because if not I would have to buy a laptop instead. 

She confirmed it again. 


I ordered the 128gb Galaxy Tab S5e and was happy to get 15% off and a trade in on my old Samsung tablet.  I went to Amazon and ordered a n external CD drive and the cable. 


Everything arrived today and I have been happily setting up the tablet. Very happy with it.

However I plugged in the cable and connected my kindle and nothing except the charging light came on my kindle.  Obviously the same thing happened with the external CD drive. 


I'm feeling rather let down and disgruntled that I have been seriously mis-sold this device. Is there anything I can do to connect and access these devices or am I just the proud owner of a tablet that doesn't meet my needs? Any help or advice appreciated.