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Samsung trying to get out of honoring warrenties.

(Topic created on: 09-01-2023 11:43 PM)
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I have a problem with my tablet that I had repaired in Aug 2022 where my type C USB board stopped working, you guys fixed it in a week time, but by November my less than one year old tablet started experiencing the same problem.  I sent it out for repair again, but two weeks later they mailed it back to me thinking it was a web tablets, even though I specifically mentioned it was a T-moble brand. So I sent it out again writing all over the box that it is a T-moble tablet, but two weeks later they mailed it back claiming there was a IMEI number attached to the tablet (I noticed that after my first repair they did take off the sticker) I went to my T-moble store where I brought it and got another receipt with the IMEI number. Then two weeks later they mailed it back stating there was no IMEI number on the circuit board, to which I replied that they were the ones who replaced my USB circuit board in August so how can they pin that on me. The asked me to send it back again to have it worked on. Now two weeks after sending it back in, they tell me that somehow the touchscreen isn't working and somehow determined that I must have be responsible for it not working, even though there is no physical evidence provided to me that substantiates that claim, on top of the fact that it was working just fine prior to me sending it out there to get repaired.

Since then I've been given the run around and hung up on over 5 times due to them refusing to provide any evidence that I am responsible for the defected part. Can you or anyone tell me how someone can determine that a touchscreen was damaged without any physical or water damage without physically going inside the unit?

Hi there that's Samsung at it's very best I reckon about 30% will be fixed under warranty and the other 70% will be blamed for breaking it even though you knew it was ok and the company they use is just a ripoff this is samsungs biggest down fall all they want is your money and basically FY