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Samsung notes no longer compatible with this device

(Topic created on: 05-01-2021 06:19 PM)
I just got the Samsung galaxy Tab A7 and I noticed that I can only install the old version of Samsung Notes from the galaxy store, even though there was an update. My phone, which is a galaxy A40, was able to update Samsung Notes. So I am confused to why my tablet, which just came out in September 2020 (I think), is not able to update the app. Also, in Google play store, it says that my device is no longer compatible with the app, even though the android version of my tablet is 10. Does anybody have a solution?
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I have the same problem - bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and can only install Samsung Notes, whereas my Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile has Samsung Notes  The sync is not sending the latest data from the mobile to the tablet and the notes showing on the tablet are 5 months old.  I've tried a bunch of suggested solutions:

- clearing cache and data in the Notes app and even uninstalling and reinstalling

- contacting Samsung through the Members app and they told me to reset factory default settings, which I'm glad I didn't try because it wouldn't have resolved the issue and would have wiped everything I've spent hours setting up

- using Samsung Switch to transfer the notes, but it says it can't transfer as the device is not compatible

- installing a couple of Samsung Notes 4 updates from safe external sites, but they would not install

- I also tried syncing to Microsoft OneNote as a last solution to move my notes across from Samsung Notes and ditch it all together as I can't use it on my tablet, but the notes are not showing in OneNote and I've since read you can't edit them there anyway so it's a waste of time.

There are a lot of threads dating back years on the topic of Samsung Notes not syncing between Samsung Galaxy and Note mobiles as well as Samsung tablets, so it appears to be an ongoing problem.  People have gone to the extent of installing old versions of the app, which I haven't tried because I've converted all my notes to the new format and don't want to lose the features.

Why Samsung just can't release the Samsung Notes latest update across all hardware platforms is beyond me.  Very frustrating!

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The same happened to me, its frustrating

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Seriously Samsung what's wrong with you!

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Samsung galaxy tab s7+. The your phone companion app for windows in google play store says not compatible anymore but I have it installed and on pc. Why this happening?