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Problem with Galaxy tab s6 lite.

(Topic created on: 03-10-2023 12:36 AM)
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Hi guys. 

I literally just bought a Galaxy tab s6 lite. Used it for one day. Went to use it today after about a week of no use. Nothing happens. I think that it's out of battery, so I plug it in to charge. Nothing happens. No % charge or electric charging icon. I let it charge for a couple of hours. Try switch it on, and nothing happens. Tried the power button being held. Power button being held with the down button. Power button being held with the up button. 

If I plug it into the charger it makes the charging noise. If I press the volume up key alone, it will make a volume noise. 

It won't do any type of reset. I have tried them without a cable, plugged into the charger and plugged into the laptop. 

It just won't reset. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks. 

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If just brought it then, contact seller and return it