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Probably bug in the A9+ Bluetooth stack on Android 14

(Topic created on: 23-05-2024 03:25 PM)
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We have our own software running on the tablets, and it uses BLE. Overnight, we found that all the devices we had connected were showing as disconnected.

There is nothing wrong with the devices as i can connect to them using the nRF Connect app on my phone.

Turned bluetooth off and then on again on the tablet via Android Settings. Devices still didnt reconnect.

Exited out software and opened nRF Connect. i can scan and find the devices, but I get GATT 133 errors every time I try and connect to them - same as in our app.

I went into developer mode, and enabled HCI logs for Bluetooth. Turned off Bluetooth and turned on again, and only then could I connect. That "reset" must be slightly different in order to turn the logs on........

We have seen this multiple times in the last few months during development, but before the only way to fix it was a tablet reboot. We cannot make it happen on demand however - much to everyones annoyance.


Doesnt happen when running our app on the Tab A (2016) or the Tab A (2019) or the A8 running Android 13

Android on the A9+ is the latest version as of today.