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MultiControl problem on Galaxy Tab S6 lite

(Topic created on: 10-09-2023 10:25 PM)
First Poster

I use 3 Samsung devices that should be working under MultiControl:

- Galaxy Book 2pro 360

- Galaxy S23 Ultra

- Galaxy Tab S6 lite

While using MultiControl function on all 3 devices in regards to copy/pasting it works really well. I can copy something on my tablet and paste it on PC or phone. Works all 3 ways. However there is a big problem in mouse coursor.

When I move my mouse from PC to the tablet, it disapears. It does not appear on the tablet screen and it doesn't go back to PC either. So my only option is to switch off the MultiControl function on the tablet, then the mouse coursor goes back to PC. I don't have a similar problem with my phone - I can move the mouse from PC to phone screen back and forth without any issue. So my guess, there is something wrong with the MultiControl on the tablet?

Please help