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BLUETOOTH Galaxy Tab A (2016)

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I have just downloaded the latest operating system software anderiod 7 securitry patch 1 August 2017, now bluetooth does not work at all , I keep getting the error message, bluetooth keeps stopping close the app, and the bluetooth on button is greyed out.


Very frustrating, was fine before, any ideas please?


Hi @PeteM. :robothappy:


Try Settings > Applications > Application Manager > More > Show System Apps > Bluetooth (or 'Bluetooth Sharing' if it appears on your tablet that way) > Storage > Clear Cache, and Clear Data.


Let us know how it goes.

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Sorry to resurface an old posting, but I have now exactly this problem with my Tab A (2016).
Clearing data and cache as described above did not help.  The "Bluetooth has stoppped" error message keeps popping up. The only way to use the tablet is to first put it in Flight Mode and then to turn Wifi on. I know, it surprised me too that Wifi and Flight mode can be on simultaneously. But this way Bluetooth stays off and Wifi works.

So there is something seriously wrong.  I have not done a total Reset, because getting apps and data back is tedious. But maybe it's the only remedy?  Although I suspect the latest security update (January 2019 level).

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