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Merge Power Saving Mode and Light Performance Profile

(Topic created on: 29-08-2022 11:59 AM)

This post is not strictly about OneUI 5.0 on S22 but about a new feature of OneUI 4.1.1 on Fold4/Flip4 that will probably sooner or later also arrive on S22, so it is important to talk about it now.

On the new Fold4/Flip4, Processing Speed ​​(Optimized, High, Maximum) has been replaced with Performance Profile (Standard, Light). The latter is much better because I personally think the system should be able to adjust the power/performance automatically. The user does not have to choose High or Maximum manually, the system should do it. However, the new Performance Profile creates some confusion, because we now have two options to save energy:

- Performance Profile > Light which limits the processor speed.
- Power Saving Mode which limits the processor speed, limits the maximum brightness, disables the 5G, disables the AOD and, above all, disables the adaptive refresh rate mode.

In my opinion this creates a lot of confusion and should be solved in one of these two ways:

- remove the Power Saving Mode section and integrate its features into the Light profile of Performance Profile.
- remove the Performance Profile ​​section and integrate Light into Power Saving Mode.

The second solution would be the best, because considering that both already limit the CPU, you simply need to add a toggle in Power Saving Mode that allows the user to keep the adaptive refresh rate mode enabled.

This would also allow users to enable the Adaptive Power Saving feature, which we very often decide to keep disabled because Power Saving Mode disables the adaptive refresh rate mode.

And, another observation: Power Saving Mode currently sets refresh rate mode to Standard. Standard is not "capped" at 60Hz, but is FIXED at 60Hz. Hypotetically you could save more power on Adaptive (which goes down to 24Hz) than on Standard (which is constantly at 60Hz without never dropping below that). Check this other post by me for further explanations.

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hello here as well @obrobrio2000 :smiling-face:

Another good one and thank you for the clear and detailed explanation 😊 I will pass on your suggestion to our developer team!  

Have a good day!