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Media output should include "Phone speaker" if a device with headphone jack is attached

(Topic created on: 11-01-2024 10:00 PM)
First Poster

If I attach the Shure MVX2U, a USB adapter for connecting an XLR mic to a computer or phone, the phone will not let me select "Phone speaker" in the Media Output dialog because there's also a headphone jack for mix monitoring. I don't use headphones when recording or playing back. I have to plug in the USB cable to record and then remove it to do anything else requiring sound. Obviously, this means dozens of plug-unplug cycles (with an instrument in-hand) if I'm trying to record myself in a practice room.

I would like to be able to choose the speaker as an output when using this gadget that happens to have a headphone jack. Ideally, the S23 remembers the last setting for that specific device so I would only need to setup my desired media output once.

No third-party apps have helped, not even Sound Assistant or those apps designed specifically to force the headphone or phone speaker as an audio sink.

Older Galaxy models supported this, and other Android 14 handsets also have this functionality.

Thanks and best wishes!