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Smartthings failing to connect to Honeywell THR99C3110 thermostat

(Topic created on: 16-02-2021 11:48 AM)
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Smart Home

I have a Smartthings hub V3, purchased from Aeotec UK. I also have a Honeywell THR99C3110 thermostat, which my Smartthings hub tells me is supported (it is listed in device compatibility), and Samsung advertise as being compatible. However, when I try to add the thermostat to my hub I get an error message after I have entered my Honeywell Home credentials that says my credentials have not been recognised.

The credentials are valid and I can login to my Honeywell Home account online and the thermostat with these credentials, so I know they are correct. I have factory reset both devices, re-entered data and the error remains. My software version on the V3 hub is

I have tried deleting the cache and data in the app (Android - tried on two different devices), but nothing works.

Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.