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Refresh option gone for my aircondtioner

(Topic created on: 29-06-2023 12:21 PM)
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I have a routine set up so that if a door is opened the aircondtioner shall go in to fan mode, then turn off in 5 minutes. But if you came back in 5 minutes it would go back to cooling mode. And if it was already off it did nothing so it relies on smart things being up to do date of the on or off state. 

The problem was smart things didn't always update the status of the aircon so it would think it was off when on using the sensibo app. So my solution was to have it refresh the aircon status if the door was open and closed. However something seems to have recently changed and the refresh option is no longer available for the aircondtioner which breaks this. So again I'm stuck with it sometimes thinking the aircondtioner is off in smart things when it is infact on.
Why has the refresh option gone away? Is there a way to get it to check the aircon status more often?

You can see on the screenshot it is just an unknown action now. No refresh at all. 

I do hope that made sense. It might seem like a silly routine but I've only got one of those portable AC units ac and I didn't want it wasting energy if the door was open, I'm also not the best at turning things off so it turning off was great too. All I really want to know is why did refresh go away and is there any way to get smart things to check the on or off status more.