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How do I prevent two factor authentication requests without allowing Samsung to see my personal mobile number ?

(Topic created on: 26-09-2020 02:05 AM)
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Samsung recently started plaguing my A30 phone with 2 factor authentication intimidation.

I want to stop the nags and do not want to set up 2 factor authentication

It hasnt been set up until now and I decided at the outset that my phone number isnt something I want Samsung to have at any time. I dont trust that when I deactivate two factor authentication the information wont be retained without my permission.

How do I stop the 2 factor authentication without providing a phone number that is being demanded before it will let me go to the settings to switch off 2 factor authentication.

The terms and conditions and privacy statements from my phone purchase dont mention me having no choice as to whether I let samsung have my phone number.

I get enough spam marketing calls already without adding to the sources.

Helping Hand
if it is asking for a phone number their is no other way than to put a phone number in i have always gave my number and never bad any spam calls also samsung has a feature on where if a spam call comes through it automatically detects it as spam and can automatically block the number.
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I agree, two factor authentication is a good thing for them to push but they could've gone about it in a less intrusive way. I have set up two factor authentication using an app now, yet I can't delete the phone number. SMS is less secure than using an app. So I essentially have no way to delete my phone number from Samsung's records, as it is required for two factor authentication, which cannot be turned off once it is turned on.