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Your technology journey

(Topic created on: 15-07-2021 10:44 AM)

Hey everyone 😊

As we all know tech is today an essential part of our everyday lives. From smartphones to washing machines, it is hard to imagine a day without using any sort of electronic device. And how our devices has changed - I still remember playing Snake on my first mobile phone 😂

Which is why I thought it'd be fun to share our technology journeys and where we've landed today - what were the first electronic devices you had in your possession? Today I rock most things Samsung, but it wasn't always so. I'll go first!

1. Phone: Nokia 3310, which then turned into a mocca brown Sony Ericsson W890i (I loved this one, especially the color haha)


2. Listening device: I had a yellow Sony Walkman when I was a kid, and then later on moved on to an Ipod Classic in my teenage years. Remember the days of storing a huge library of mp3 files on your laptop or hard drive? Thank heaven for Spotify 🙏  In saying this, I still appreciate playing old vinyls on my record player and buying new records from my favorite artists in an old school format.




Sooo - what does your tech journey look like? Let us know!

// ElinH
Nokia 3310 was my first phone, obviously... followed up by a Siemens A61 with its amazing MIDI-speaker and then I got a Sony Ericsson K-series and W-series. My first android was an LG and I′ve been all about Samsung since the S2 (S2 to S4 to S5 to S6 to S7 edge to Note 8 to Note 10 to S21 Ultra).

Listening devices. I′m from the casette-generation. Earliest I remember was the iconic Philips D6608 (its triangle shaped). I had a bunch of Sony Walkmans and Discmans. Skipped Minidisc alltogether. My first mp3-player was an MPMan with a whopping 16mb internal memory expanded to 64mb with a card. I then tried iRivers, Jens if Sweden and eventually when I started getting the Sony Ericsson phones my days of dedicated listening devices was passed.

Now I listen on my S21U using Galaxy Buds Pro or Sony XM3s.

I love that Nokia 3310 is the obvious "first phone" - I've even had friends using them in the last few years because they want to disconnect from all apps etc. and simply use it to make calls 😂

// ElinH
Anonymous User
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A late comment on this subject. 1998, Nokia 5110, used for a short while. Was without a phone till 2005, and it was a Nokia 3110, it was used for years. 2012, first smart phone was a iPhone, did not liked it, used 2 months, went back to Nokia 3110. Late 2014 went to Nokia Lumia, Windows phone, used to the end, when Microsoft cancelled Windows phone in 2017. iPhone again, till i found Samsung galaxy phone, purchased a week ago, and it is fine, no problems so far. Satisfied with it! My short story, little late comment!/Mvh
Emmi S
Community Manager

Nice to hear your phone journey @Anonymous User 😁 I feel like Nokia was really a go to-phone, I had a Nokia 3310 as my first phone and my uncle was working at Nokia, which I thought was sooo cool back in the days.