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What I'd like in three S23 Ultra

(Topic created on: Saturday)
Big Cheese
Samsung Lounge
100MP Camera with useable photos at 50x Zoom or improve the 30x even more.

Improve object eraser 

Interchangeable f stop like the one in S9 plus

Keep the same cameras but with more f stops which can be controlled manually.

Smoother camera lens transitions like the iphone

Pill shaped selfie came to allow the self-camera to move up and down when phone is in landscape mode as this will help when in director mode as it gets awkward .

5000mah - 6000mah battery a must.

Drop the Spen if necessary and make it optional like the S21 Ultra. 

Samsung need to improve what they have instead of just pushing and wasting resources on unnecessary things like 200 MP etc. As it just wastes resources on the phone which could be used else where.

Big Cheese
Samsung Lounge
Totally disagree with dropping the S Pen. Something I like using and I'd be gutted not to have that.
Having control over apature settings to get the F Stop I want would be something I would definitely agree with. The S9 thing was a bit of a gimmick to be honest, so it would have to be a software thing. Unless they put a larger lenses in.

Think the selfie camera thing would be something a lot won't like.

Really for a smartphone to have such zooms on such small sensors, the software does OK with sorting the images, but I'd be happy with maybe a 20X zoom that mostly optical. Again this will be quite a big setup.
Object eraser will get better over time, but it's a handy feature.

Think having a bigger battery would be nice, but currently I finding mine perfectly fine right now
Samsung Lounge
And there should be a differences between s23 and s23 plus, such as camera specs, s23 plus must have same camera as s23 ultra, why should people pay so much for the s22plus just a little battery and few mm of screen? If someone wants to play with the S pen that is fine with s23 ultra but many people like my self love to have ultra spec flat screen without S pen, that's should be called s23 plussss
Samsung Maker ★★
Samsung Lounge

Some interesting ideas here guys 👍👏

If Samsung can push the size of the battery then great. 👍

They won't drop the sPen support and I'm hoping they have an option like the s²² Ultra where there is a built in sPen silo in the s²³ Ultra [ or what ever they name it ]

Carrying around the Fold Pen was a pain as I didn't like the cases with pen silos built into them.

I'm sure they'll be tweaking the Exynos SoC for the next generation of Samsung phone's along with Qualcomm improving their Snapdragon SoC.

In regards to camera improvements we'll see these too, even for us point and click type of users 🙄

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How about a phone that works straight out the box
Samsung Maker ★
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Imagine the S23 Ultra will keep the inbuilt Silo as quite a lot of support for it even if it does not please everyone.  Whilst 2 different Ultras would be an option not likely, perhaps the camera features of the S23 Plus could be upgraded though.    Whilst  software enhancements more important speculation that next year's model will include a 200 mega pixel camera on the Ultra 

Hopefully more of the bugs will be ironed out before the official release. 

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