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Use tab as security camera?

(Topic created on: 16-06-2024 04:04 PM)
Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if perhaps there was a way to use my Galaxy Tab A8 as a "security camera" to see what our dog does when he is left alone at home.

I was thinking there might be a way without installing any external apps, staying inside the galaxy ecosystem. Maybe it is a silly idea but I figured someone here might know if it was at all possible.

Preferably we would be able to set the tab up at home on our wifi, be able to leave the house and check up on him through our s23Us.

Thanks in advance!
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Yes you can. Look for Alfred camera. Been in use for some time and all great. I'v setup with xcover 4s and galaxy tab 3 (from 2013) great use of old devices.
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Using a tablet as a security camera is a pretty cool idea. You can do it with the right apps. You'd need to download a security camera app, like Alfred or Manything, on your tablet. These apps turn your device into a camera that you can monitor from another phone or tablet. It's a neat DIY approach if you have an old tablet lying around.
Here’s the thing – while it’s a fun project, it might not be the most reliable for long-term security. Tablets aren't built for 24/7 surveillance. They might overheat or the battery could die if it's not plugged in all the time. Plus, the camera quality and night vision might not be as good as a dedicated security camera. If you're looking for a more professional setup, I'd suggest checking out something like . They have some pretty solid home security systems that are super easy to set up and come with professional monitoring.