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Phone/watch call connectivity issue

(Topic created on: a month ago)
Lately I've encountered a small issue. 

I use a Galaxy 23 Ultra and Galaxy Watch 5 LTE.

The watch has an active esim through our carrier (telia) that is connected to my phone number. Though my devices are 99% of the time connected via BT and the issue happens with an active BT connection.

Everything is properly updated/restarted and I've even gone so far as to factory reset the watch twice. I've checked absolutely every setting I can think of on both watch and phone.

The issue is as follows.

Occasionally when trying to accept an incoming call there seems to be a problem. I answer the call on my phone but it does not go through and my watch continues "ringing". I do not hear the other person, they do not hear me, so the call hasn't connected.

For a few minutes after this, no calls reach me. My husband tries to call me and there isn't even a busy signal, the call does not connect to me at all. Neither of my devices ring.

Is there any reason for this to be happening? Is it a problem with the devices or is it an issue with the carrier?

I feel silly asking here but googling/troubleshooting has not been particularly fruitful...

Hi @CeeCeeTop!

It's hard to say exactly what is causing this problem for you without further investigation.

We would recommend that you reproduce the problem and then submit an error report to us and send along the phone's system log so that we can investigate this further. You can create a error report like this: Samsung Members > Support > Error report.

Thanks, it hasn't happened again and I have no idea what to do to try and recreate it. It seemed random to me.

I did finally think to reset the Bluetooth settings on my phone and that might be what fixed the issue.

Anyway, thank you so much!