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(Topic created on: 04-11-2021 02:36 PM)
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Samsung Lounge
This guide may also work on other phones, but I have used this to personalise my Note9...
 When my phone activates the Always-on Display (AOD), I have my favourite football club's crest shown in the CLOCK STYLE. To do this, firstly locate the photo that you want to use. I downloaded the Celtic FC club crest from Wikipedia, and selected the SMALLEST-SIZED svg file (for some strange reason, the larger the dim's of the file, the smaller the resulting image displayed!!). This particular image has no distracting background, unlike say, a photo of your family pet. Once you have saved the image for your AOD, go to SETTINGS/LOCK SCREEN/CLOCK STYLE. A popup will appear at the bottom of the screen, offering ALWAYS-ON DISPLAY, and LOCK SCREEN - select AOD. Scroll along the CLOCK STYLES at the bottom of the screen until you see an empty style - the empty style is where you will now load your saved image. Click to add your image, browse for your image, then save it. When you see your image in the window (see attachment), click to highlight your new CLOCK STYLE, then SAVE. Now, in the SETTINGS/LOCK SCREEN window, scroll up until you see ALWAYS ON DISPLAY. Click on this, switch to ON, and select HOME BUTTON AND CLOCK (just below the switch). Next, select SHOW ALWAYS. As a double-check, click on CLOCK STYLE, to confirm your selection, then click DONE. Now, when your SCREEN TIMEOUT kicks in, you should see your new clock style displayed!