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One UI Vs. 3rd-party launchers & OTHER issues

(Topic created on: 26-05-2021 08:52 PM)
Samsung Lounge

As you may have noticed I have had numerous Galaxy phones in the past. The latest being the new A52 5G. I bought it for it's price but also it's specs. And reviews online.

One thing I despise about Samsung phones is the bloated One UI. It is slow and it just looks childish. There is no way to change the icon pack or app icons. And the Themes section seem to have no more "stock Android" or "Pixel look" themes in there. Which makes me ask myself: is Samsung actually listening to what the customers really want with their phones?

Another criticism is the compatibility with 3rd-party launchers. Yes Samsung has indeed updated One UI to support full Android gestures when using launchers but i still notice a millisecond pause or jutter or hiccup especially when you exit or close an app and then going back to the main screen. I have tried three different 3rd-party launchers (Nova, CPL, Poco launchers) and the symptoms I mentioned are all the same. The "fluidity" is not there. 

And lastly, why can't Samsung implement a system of hiding apps similar to how Oxygen OS and MIUI implements it? Why do Samsung insists of doing it their own way which is confusing, convoluted and not forward-thinking?

Waiting for a reply.....