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New ui 6.1 update

(Topic created on: 05-04-2024 11:51 AM)
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I've always been a hardcore samsung lover and never considered getting an IPhone for many reasons. A very big reason was the way samsung navigate through apps. If I wanted to swipe from the side of my screen to go back I would've just gotten and iPhone. If I wanted to go to the clear all apps by doing this annoying slow holding swipe up gesture from the bottom centre of the screen I would've gotten an iPhone. And if I wanted to swipe down on the left for notifications and swipe down on the right for the settings, I again would've gotten an iPhone.

Yes I could just get used to using these new gestures, but they were a big part of why I love samsung and the least they could've done is made these new gestures an alternative to the old ones. So I'd like my 3 swipe gestures back at the bottom of my screen and I like to be able to go from the settings screen to the notifications screen by just swiping up to collapse the settings rather than having to swipe up and then swipe down on the left side.

The new clear all apps gesture also tends to take a good couple tries everytime before it opens the clear all apps because I keep opening my Samsung wallet instead.

After updating to One UI 6.1, my fingerprint sensor randomly doesn't register my input when trying to unlock the phone. An explanation to this problem, not a cause, not a solution but it's worth noting: That happens because, for some reason, the phone thinks you are trying to lower the quick panel, as if you were touching the top of the screen. Try it: when you attempt to unlock it (if you're unlucky, because it seems to happen completely randomly), don't lift your finger; instead, swipe down, and the quick panel will come down. Definitely a bug and it's annoying.

I'm on S23.

Credit to AlanK_15 on Reddit.

You took the words right out of my mouth, if I wanted this I would have just gotten an iPhone. We have Samsung for a reason! Android usually gives us more customizable options. Swipe gestures were my favorite, but now they have been changed to existing gestures, it makes no sense. In certain apps I can't go back because swiping from the side takes you to the next tab/page! This is so frustrating, I had to put the visble nav bar back up because it at least allows me to tap to go back. But it takes up space at the bottom which is why I liked the swipe feature. Also, the nav bar now only has two options when before it had so many options.

Also when being on the home screen and I press an app, the phone sometimes randomly swipes up. I really hope they fix these issues in the next update.