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Have a look at this

(Topic created on: 28-09-2022 06:35 PM)


As someone came from Apple, I am feeling this big time.

None of the Big boys, Nike, Adidas, Myfitnesspal etc have no direct links with Samsung health

And when it comes to quality gym apps, such as Jefit, Fitbod etc, they have very basic watch apps but no links to Samsung health 

Only today I sent a Twitter to Samsung asking to pull up the socks and fill the gap and support the customers as big boys have abandoned Samsung + Galaxy Watch

As a new customer with Galaxy watch 5 pro, I am genuinely worried, because all the wonderful apps like Nike Run Club, Adidas are not working with Galaxy watch

Obviously, I can feel that not many Galaxy watch owners are into Health and fitness, rather into Smart Watch features only, so they may not feel what I am feeling. 
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Might be worth also contacting the developers of these apps @IndiW to put across your viewpoint.

I wish you all the best. Take care.  😎 

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Thanks friend,
as you can see I already did, none of big boys want get near to Samsung health or Galaxy watch 5, at least for the moment, therefore in my opinion Samsung should support the people who are into fitness training by filling the weakness in Samsung health app Screenshot_20220929-065626_Gmail.jpgScreenshot_20220929-065816_Gmail.jpgScreenshot_20220929-065705_Gmail.jpg
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As you pointed out maybe there is not much uptake by android users hence they might decide it's not worth their time and resources.

It could be just one of the reasons though.

Not to mention too many iterations of different android phones compared to apple which makes it easier for them.
200% Correct, there is only one iPhone, there is only one Apple watch, so developing a good quality software package must be a walk in the park easy

This is the very reason, Samsung should step in and say to the New customers, no worries, we are here to fill the gap
For example, they should have negotiations with developers like Nike and give some incentives, or take up the challenge by themselves and develop high quality Health App to benifits all general needs

Look at Deadlifts, the main need of Deadlift is to record weight, but Samsung app rewards the time you spent doing the Deadlift not the amount of weight lifted

I hope they will change and change soon