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DeX saved me!

(Topic created on: 21-06-2021 03:51 PM)
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So, I'm not sure how many of you actually have used DeX, it seems as a sometimes overlooked and forgotten feature, even if it actually is really good! And it actually have saved me a couple of times. 

So, I'm working as a design manager, and me and my team are working in a design tool called Figma. The great thing is that it actually is web based and can be run either in a desktop app or in your browser. From time to time (this was before the pandemia) I go to meetings with nothing else than a cup of coffee, or my tablet. My 16" Macbook Pro stays docked at my desk, as I don't want to carry around more than I have to, and to be honest I think it's easier to stay focused at the discussion if I not have full access to my laptop with emails, teams and whatnot. 

Sometimes there's a sudden turn in the discussion, and all of a sudden people are starting to talk about the actual designs - and this is where I've been saved by DeX. I just plug my Tab S7+ or Note 20 Ultra into the TV/projector, start chrome in DeX mode and can instantly access all my teams designs and show and also adjust/make comments to the designs. And it just works! 

It has also saved me when I've been on vacation without my laptop and needed to quickly do some work, as our tools are mostly web-based. True in many cases I could've just done this on my tablet or phone without DeX, but some tasks require more screen area and is just nicer to do in front of a large screen! 

Do you use DeX? Any wish list for improvements? Let's talk DeX here! 😊


I feel a little embarrassed to say this - but I haven't actually used DeX yet 😱  But like you said I think it would be really useful if (when..) we'll be back in our offices for presentations and meetings. What improvements would you like to see for the feature?

For those not too familiar with the feature we have an article on the UK forum that explains Samsung DeX and how to use it! Worth a read 👀

// ElinH
Samsung Members Star ★

Well it is more business/power-user oriented, so a lot of people miss it. But it can be of use for more "normal use cases" too, like if you're travelling you can easily (with a tiny usb-c/hdmi adapter) connect your phone to the Hotel TV and enjoy netflix/youtube on a big screen :winking-face: 


For me it's still more support in apps for DeX and the "free aspect ratio" (resize the window). But I like it so much that I use it as default on my Tab S7 😛 

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I haven't used Dex much, i actually prefer Your Phone on Windows as it let me use my normal desktop while also using the apps on the phone as a separate window
Have you toggled the option for high resolution under I ♥️ Samsung DeX in MultiStar, in the Good Lock app?