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[Contest] What are your dream features? Chance to win Galaxy Buds2 Pro!

(Topic created on: 12-03-2024 09:29 AM)
Emmi S
Big Cheese


Take part in our new exciting challenge! Share your ideas for a chance to win Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Graphite SM-R510NZAAEUB (approximate value of 2690 SEK, 1799 DKK, 2690 NOK, 229 EUR (VAT included)!

What an electrifying start to the year! Galaxy Unpacked January 2024 has left us utterly captivated by the latest innovations that were announced, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology and style. Among the stars of the Samsung Galaxy show was the remarkable Galaxy S24 series, which boasts the incredible Galaxy AI, setting the stage for an exhilarating year ahead for tech fans.

This got us thinking… There must be many ideas around features among our Samsung fans!

We want you to leave your brilliant ideas on what would be your dream features – share here in the comments below before 2nd of for a chance to win Galaxy Buds2 Pro 👇

Don’t miss out – there is going to be two winners in the Nordics. Good luck!



Win Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Graphite SM-R510NZAAEUB (approximate value of 2690 SEK, 1799 DKK, 2690 NOK, 229 EUR (VAT included). The winners pays any winning tax. The last day to enter is 2nd of April 2024. Two winners in the Nordics will be randomly selected and announced on the Samsung community site. The random selection is final and binding. The winners will be announced within the two following weeks after the competition period through the Community site, available here: Age limit 18 years.

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By participating you agree to the terms and conditions of this competition.

By participating, Samsung will process your personal data as set out in the Privacy Notice, available here:

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When considering electronic devices, Samsung immediately comes to mind as a leading brand. Their Galaxy series of smartphones, in particular, stands out for its exceptional features and capabilities. Having personally used various top-of-the-line phones, I can confidently assert that Samsung devices consistently meet and exceed my expectations.

Samsung smartphones offer a combination of intelligent functionality, aesthetically pleasing designs, high-quality displays, and extensive customization options. These devices continue to evolve and improve, becoming smarter and more efficient with each passing day.
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Make a new galaxy S6, same size and all.
No need to overcomplicate with futures nobody ever uses

A chatgpt type of program imbedded into the phone.

First Poster
The AI functions in the new S24 Ultra are fun, but are not interconnected to the extent one would like.
If I give Samsung access to my calendar, my emails, my photos/data/apps, can the new AI features combine into the world's best assistant that can actually pull from all sources and help with any tasks and use any app or account to do something I ask for on my device instead of pointing me to a link/guide on how to achieve that one thing I just asked for?
Wouldn't that be awesome?
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Finnish language support in ai features and assistant. Also features that are missing which can be found on older devices. ( own photo into AOD and screens that stay vivid even when Eye comfort shiled is on )

And would be cool if AI could help you cook cool food. You take a picture of ingredients or put them in somewhere and it tells you what you could make with it!

Would love to see the phone have less grainy images!
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I know its not easy and Samsung is been doing good job but i think you can improve the update rolling out time. We have to wait almost year after the OS launch. Other thanthat not sure if Samsung is missing anything. Love everything about my Phone.

Would be interesting to see a more customizable camera app. Look at the Samsung keyboard. I seem to be able to resize, move and edit button and styles. A camera app that could be highly customizable would be awesome. And with some built in classic analog film simulations.
The integration of an Exynos chip with built-in Galaxy AI technology into the Galaxy Buds presents a compelling opportunity to enhance their capabilities. By incorporating real-time translation as a primary feature, these earbuds could provide invaluable assistance to individuals navigating challenging language barriers, thereby facilitating effective communication in diverse settings.
A bigger fold would be nice