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[Contest] What are your dream features? Chance to win Galaxy Buds2 Pro!

(Topic created on: 12-03-2024 09:29 AM)
Emmi S
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Take part in our new exciting challenge! Share your ideas for a chance to win Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Graphite SM-R510NZAAEUB (approximate value of 2690 SEK, 1799 DKK, 2690 NOK, 229 EUR (VAT included)!

What an electrifying start to the year! Galaxy Unpacked January 2024 has left us utterly captivated by the latest innovations that were announced, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology and style. Among the stars of the Samsung Galaxy show was the remarkable Galaxy S24 series, which boasts the incredible Galaxy AI, setting the stage for an exhilarating year ahead for tech fans.

This got us thinking… There must be many ideas around features among our Samsung fans!

We want you to leave your brilliant ideas on what would be your dream features – share here in the comments below before 2nd of for a chance to win Galaxy Buds2 Pro 👇

Don’t miss out – there is going to be two winners in the Nordics. Good luck!



Win Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Graphite SM-R510NZAAEUB (approximate value of 2690 SEK, 1799 DKK, 2690 NOK, 229 EUR (VAT included). The winners pays any winning tax. The last day to enter is 2nd of April 2024. Two winners in the Nordics will be randomly selected and announced on the Samsung community site. The random selection is final and binding. The winners will be announced within the two following weeks after the competition period through the Community site, available here: Age limit 18 years.

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By participating you agree to the terms and conditions of this competition.

By participating, Samsung will process your personal data as set out in the Privacy Notice, available here:

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Smart, quick and intuitive auto-fill in of personal information and authentication credentials


I'd like to see much better file management systems. Currently downloading and finding files feels much more difficult than it is on PC. I'd like to have more control.

Hello Samsung! I have a few ideas for you:

1. Your system apps are looking a bit old and tired. Changing the icons with Good Lock doesn't really cut it. Can you give them a fresh new look?

2. Remember how we could play music on two Galaxy phones at the same time with the Galaxy S4? That was sick! Can you bring that back?

3. I'd love to be able to use the flashlight on the UW camera. That would be super useful.
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I'd really appreciate having air gesture capabilities for smoother phone navigation. Integrating this with all AI features would be fantastic.

Jag älskar Samsung
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To pick up my earpieces.. And no matter which or whom borrowed them.. It will always start at what I played last... 👍

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Live transcribe, just works, amazing progress, I feel confident to travel more!

A feature I would like to see is a new form of action mode in the camera app, where the phone recognizes motion and takes a quick photo. That way you could get images of people jumping or maybe capturing some sports. You could have an AI to detect certain motions which could trigger the image capturing. (Even incorporating it into Galaxy AI)

I would also like to see samsung internet supporting third party password managers, that would make it really easy to switch from other browsers like chrome.
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Maybe something with AI and smarthome.
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Id love to see on the ultra a dedicated moon shot mode to take pictures of the moon. More tutorials could also be introduced on how to correctly use the s-pen as well as having the usage tips easily accessable.