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Unusable phone


My phone is becoming unusable, unresponsive to touches, my settings app crahes.. I'm writing this in slow motion, need some help pls

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hey @AlxVII 


Please be sure to send us error reports using Beta Feedback option in Samsung Members app.


It seems like there are a lot of problems on your device that might be connected to FOTA upgrade.

What you can try is to remove the cache of the device:

1. Backup your data using Smart Switch (it is not necessary to do so, but it always helps to be safe :winking-face:)

2. Turn off your device

3. Press and hold (at the same time) Power button, Volume up button and Bixby button

4. Keep holding them for like 7 seconds (At first you will see the Samsung logo, but do not release your fingers yet. Once the screen changes then you can release it)

5. Use Volume keys to move up and down and Power key to select an option - Select "Wipe cache partition"

6. Confirm it

7. Select "Reboot system now"


If that did not help, then it might be necessary to factory reset the device (Remember to backup first!).

I hope that this will help you out! :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed:

I think that got me into trouble the first time because I decided to do a wipe cache partition and then my phone started to act like this. I turned it off last night after several restarts and power offs and today was the same deal untill all of the sudden it started acting in real time to my touches again because that was mainly the problem. It was not responding to one finger touches of the screen at all, ony 2 fingers. And just to mention I'm using Nova Launcher and that is still a bit shakey as it crashes from time to time.