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Stuck in One UI 2.0 Beta

(Topic created on: 19-01-2020 07:57 AM)

Hi, my S10 Plus is stuck in Beta version of One UI 2.0 since November, 2019. Stable version of Android 10 officially released on 06th of January, 2020 but I'm unable to upgrade or even downgrade. Also I'm unable to get security updates and its not only me, there's other people asking same question on different forums. I hope Beta tech team will help. 


I want to help bump this thread back up.  I am having the same issue. Unlocked S10 plus here as well.


Updated to one UI 2.0 beta first part of November. I am now also locked  into it. No further updates since, including security updates which I am 2 months behind on now. My wife and mother got the official Android 10 one UI 2.0 update end of December on their s10 plus unlocked phones even though the terms of the beta said we would get the official update before others.


Since beta ended the downgrade option in smart switch is gone. Before I was able to begin the down grade but the process hung indefinitely which was a known issue said to have been fixed. 


We are now locked into it, with no apparent ability to get the official release.


Update for those of you who came across this same issue. I was able to get it fixed.


You will simply need to manually flash your firmware to the latest Android 10 stable release which appraently is much much easier than I thought.


You need to find the offical stock firmware of your model number. Mine being the Samsung unlocked s10 Plus, SM-G975U1, so go to your settings and find your model number.

Next navigate to and sign up for an account. Click on firmware and search for your model number and country code to view the latest release.


The catch here is I had to purchase the 30day bronze premium (was like $5.79 us) just to get fast download speed as the firmware was 4.7GB.

Link to the firmware appliceable for my phone:


Instructions are on that site. You will need to download and install Odin as well as the samsung drivers if not already. Odin download link is also on that firmware download page.

Once the firmware is downloaded, plug in the four extracted files to their corresponding field in the Odin software, boot your phone into download mode, hook up the USB cable, and click start. Took just under 3 min and now my phone as the most recent January 2020 official stable release as of 1/19.


Also this does not trip the Knox fuse so you will not void your warranty as long as you are downloading the offical samsung firmware which is why I chose to trust Sammoble.


I have installed the SamMobile Device Info app on google play and confirmed my KNOX warranty bit is still 0x0 meaning this did not void my warranty.