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One UI Beta Binary 2 Bugs and Details


Hi @TomaszT,


We can see that the Beta Binary 2 has been released and it has fixed quiet a few bugs from the previous release. But it has also made sure that it would introduce a few new one's of its own. 😉


I know u may already have put together a list of known issues by now. It may be really helpful if you could post them all or atleast a few major ones here along with their solutions (if already found and can be done by users).


This may give some guidance for a lot of struggling users. 


Thanks in advance. 

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hey @Arshaa 


I am really glad that the update fixed a lot of problems!

As for the known issues, if we know them when releasing the binary, they are announced in "Beta Notice".


But to find more potential problems (and to fix them), that's why this Beta programme has been created :smiling-face:

So you can share with us the problems you have encountered.

So please be sure to share an error report with us when you experience any problem! :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Right now our development team is still analyzing all the error reports that came their way.

If I learn about anything that might be helpful for you with a particular problem, I will be sure to share it :fisted-hand: