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Edge Lighting - Adaptive Brightness

(Topic created on: 21-11-2019 04:33 AM)

 With no lights on in my room, right before I fell asleep, I received a few msgs yesterday night and I had the edge lighting and the Adaptive screen brightness turned on and they gave me a notification for the msgs received. The brightness of the edge lighting in the dark room was killing my eyes (even with the adaptive light turned on) and when I opened the phone lock with the edge lighting already glowing, the same brightness reflected on to my display after the lock was opened as well.


Initially I thought it was just me, so I turned down the brightness manually to minimum. I kept receiving msgs and everytime I opened the phone lock while the edge lighting was still glowing, my display's brightness kept creeping up to 50% each time. If I waited for the edge glow to end and then unlock my phone, then the adaptive brightness would keep the display brightness at the right level I expect in that room.

The thing here is, 

1. The edge lighting had it's own brightness even in the dark room with the adaptive brightness for display on, which I would expect is a normal behaviour since they are designed to attract the user's attention.

2. When i unlock my mobile at the instance when the edge lightning is glowing why doesn't the adaptive brightness kick in to turn down the display brightness in a dark room?



I know it's a big story to read but I hope I have asked the right question here. Will be reporting this as well now. 

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hey @Arshaa 


I think that it is more of a bug, rather than a design flaw :thinking-face:

So please, next time you get a notification and the screen is still abnormally lit up (and then it gets back to the adapted level) share an error report with us via Beta Feedback option in Samsung Members app! :fisted-hand: