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Photo storage

(Topic created on: 11-01-2023 11:44 AM)
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As a photographer, old school film trained, I am used to cataloging my pictures so I can find them easily and quickly in one place,  I am puzzled however by the number of places on a phone pictures seem to  be saved and wonder why this is.

On connecting my phone to my PC there are two or three folders in the main menu that store pictures, and randomly it seems, consequently with having an SD in and when moving from one phone to another as I just have done, a Galaxy A21S to an S10, i find pictures are duplicated and with no way of deleting the copies other than  having to scroll through the phone whole gallery itself.

In choosing as I have to store my pictures on the SD card, why is it that some seem to randomly go to the Android,  DCIM  or Pictures folder on the phone, if all of the pictures where simply in one folder, or all on the SD card, it would be easier to sort and delete the duplicates, a thought here being that with the technology available, why not a choice to delete duplicates, ? ..frankly I have to wonder  why the need for the many different folders ?


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Have you tried Dropbox. The folder is on your pc after set up. From there you can move the pictures into you own files just don't use the Dropbox folder. All are sent wireless, so no need to connect to your pc.
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Hi, thanks, I am aware of Dropbox, Cloud etc etc, but I think you are missing my point ..

I take a picture on my DSLR, it records to the storage disc and I then download that to where I want on my PC, all in one place ..

I take a picture on my phone and  ....  

When I connect to my PC and click internal storage numerous folders come up including Android, DCIM, Media, Pictures and SD card back up .... and ... some pictures I have taken ...??

I click on DCIM for example and folders come up saying 100 Andro, 100 Media, Camera etc .. the thing being all of these and those in Internal Storage have pictures in them ...  WHY ... why all over the place in this way, why not just in one place, the SD card being the most appropriate perhaps as we have the choice to save to that in settings, why not a choice too in settings to move pictures where we want them to be for easy access, surely the space all of these different folders take up is wasted, not to say the storage system on a phone being a total and utter untidy mess.

If phones, as they seem to be, are becoming mini PC's or Tablets, then like them why not just have one pictures folder and one video folder where all images go respectively, even when edited.

I have just spent about an hour copying all of the pictures from all of the folders mentioned above to a large USB stick in order to go through them and delete duplicates etc, an unnecessary task if pictures were all saved to one folder or the SD card on a phone ..

Anyone in Samsung listening please .. ??


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Send you feedback via the members app, there re no one from Samsung actively monitoring this site. This is the community site where everyone is customer just like you.

Each application developer creates their own folders, there is no way to police that.