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Why Won't Samsung fix or replace my phone?

(Topic created on: 07-09-2017 02:28 AM)
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I have now twice brought my phone into the Samsung Service Center at 837 Washington.  Neither visit has resulted in the phone being repaired.   The phone  will not connect to a mobile network.  Both times, the service center told me it was a faulty SIM card.  I have gone to my carrier twice to get a new SIM card.   The "phone" still cannot make any calls.  My carrier technician said that the antenna in the Galaxy Sy Edge is attached to the motherboard of the phone and is therefore expensive to fix.  So, instead of honoring the warranty, Samsung says it's a carrier SIM card issue and refuse to repair it.  Is this true, Samsung?  I have another appointment scheduled for tomorrow on 9/7. 


A little about 837 Washington:  they sat on my phone for a week.  I had been calling them every day.  They don't answer the phones and you get sent to voice mail.  They do not call you back.  I went to Samsung support online and they could not call them either.  They could not tell me any updates on my service ticket and told me I needed to go down there.  When I got to 837 Washington today, they claimed they had been emailing me daily at my hotmail address.  I never received one email.  It appears their technicican's emails get blocked by Hotmail.  Adorably, they said they had left 2 voice mails on the phone they were fixing. 

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I can see why you would be unimpressed at this @MattKyme


If this was my situation I'd take another phone to demonstrate that the SIM card works fine in another phone.  Borrow one if you do not own a back up phone or ask for your sim to be inserted in one of the store models if they have one available. 


Then as long as their is no aesthetic damage that could point to a drop and the water sensor in the sim card tray isn't tripped then the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty would come into play. 


In the U.K. We have a Consumer Law that protects the buyer as well as the seller so perhaps look for something similar to that where you reside if you need to after your scheduled visit to the store if this isn't resolved. 


I hope all goes well. 

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