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When will Samsing create a professional (business) smartphone again?

(Topic created on: 25-06-2023 10:45 AM)
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I have been waiting for a small compact phone that I can actually have in my pocket, without winkling/distorting my suit.

The perfect size phone is the Galaxy S4 mini. Why can't Samsung recreate that just with more modern tech? 

I think the huge phones are unusable for business purposes. It does not need to have 3+ cameras or 4K display and have games pre-installed. 

Just a camera that can capture a paper so it is readable, a reasonable amount of storage and a WIFI and 4G. Also the CPU does not have to be 8+ core that require a huge battery. It should just adequate to run the most common business apps like outlook or teams and a browser.  And no preinstalled unessential apps, Google Play is enough.

With all the fancy features you see in the huge phones, it should be fairly easy to construct a small phone with the basics.

I have been really happy with my Samsung phones, but now I feel forced to try the ZenPhone 9 or an Apple 13 mini ( and they are also too big, but smaller than any Samsung phone.

Please create a MOBILE phone!

Best regards

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I would have thought that the market for such a phone would be quite limited
I have been given a phone for work that's too large for what I use it for.
But consumers want certain things, and longer battery life and bigger screens.
I know Apple tried with the iPhone mini. But it just didn't sell enough to make it economically viable
Unless there's a market demand for this type of phone, we probably won't see one for a while
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I use my phone for business use. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than play games or use social media.
As a business phone the larger screen benefits me as I remotely access my PC when with clients. Using the smaller screen on my old S10 made this difficult. A good camera is also good for taking photos of documents when with clients.

I personally am happy using my device as a business phone.
I think it depends on the type of business as to which phone is best. The S23 is top end for a lot of modern businesses to incorporate working on the move, remotely or running presentations etc but probably isn't suited to a builder or a mechanic etc. My favourite phones for business were the Nokia's with Symbian OS, I liked the calendar the best as you could custom replicate entries etc so I could put in a full year of regular meetings in minutes. It was killed off when they changed to Windows WP8. Don't get me wrong Windows was super slick and super fast but the lack of apps meant it was ok for office work but not much use for personal use. I had a few blackberries via work but never liked them. My brother owns a yard 9n a trading estate and he changes phones more often than he changes clothes as he keeps breaking them when working on trucks etc due to bangs and drops so he would need one made of rubber to last longer than a few weeks lol 🤣 I like the S23 as I do work for 3 different organisations and can manage them quite easily from my phone and like the big screen etc whereas others prefer a smaller screen. I think it's always a challenge to get a device that fits ever sinario so it probably boils down to budgets, needs and preferences
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You might like the Samsung Z flip 4 or wait for the 5.

Samsung got you covered 👌
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Unfortunately I think the market for a compact business phone would be quite niche and companies not likely to see it as a priority/in their interests.  Nowadays customers generally want bigger screens (and in some cases bigger mobile phones have replace tablets)   From a business perspective think a larger screen gives you a better experience and functionality .  If not interested in Flips or Folds do not think Samsung will provide another alternative in the near future.   in any case it is challenging to provide more powerful Batteries in smaller devices (which many see a need for)  obviously realise this does not suit everyone.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.