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I have downloaded Smartswitch and want to have a backup of my phone stored onto my Synology NAS.

To that effect I changed the storage options on the Smartswitch UI to direct the backup to the folder on my NAS where I wish this backup to be stored.

I have attempted backups on numerous times only for the backup to keep copying the data to the Smartswitch default folder on my "C" boot drive. This would not normally be a problem as I could copy the data over manually, however, I do NOT have sufficient storage space remaining on the C drive to accommodate the amount of storage space required for the backup.

I should add I have removed Smartswitch and reloaded a few times to try and redirect the backup to my NAS with no effect.

Maybe Smartswitch does not allow you to store data on a remote drive such as a NAS, anyone have a suggestion what I do ?



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It appears I have not explained my problem correctly or there is no quick solution to my dilemma.

Perhaps a more simple approach is required that will hopefully generate a reply, as follows :

Does the  Smartswitch program on a windows 10 PC  allow backups from a Samsung Note 3 to a folder on a NAS drive ?

I should further add my purpose for doing so is

1. To keep a copy of the Note 3 data for security reasons, and,

2. To allow me to install this data onto a Note 8


This would appear to be to much of a technical question for this forum, bump !

It may not answer your question directly but have you looked at products from Jihosoft? Can you not put your question to Samsung?

Hi @Broadsword. :robothappy:


Blast from the past, but I asked our software peeps about this one for you a while ago (we had temporary technical difficulties getting in touch with them for a bit, which has since been sorted).


They've advised  uninstalling Smart Switch, then reinstalling it on a different drive in the computer, e.g. (D:/(E:/(F:/ drive or the NAS drive.  They also gave me this link to better show what they meant.


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