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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) moisture warning


Hi, what is the moisture sensor settings? I've got this phone for 2 weeks, since then it was never anywhere close to the water, not even to the cup of water and I've got stil this "Moisture warning" issue. According to the indoor meteo station, there is about 50% moisture in the room and I still have got this warning, while phone is at the bedside table and I'm not able to charge it even overnight. it's ******* annoying! How to get rid of this issue? The ***** advices to put the phone in the rice jar or clean the port after two weeks by ear picks keep for yourself.

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I wouldn't use tooth picks for anything on a phone. You could introduce further damage.

Moisture issues can be a result of sudden temperature climate change or for example from being in a pocket.

I'd also Google to see where the water sensors are and check if they are visible. Sometimes one is in the sim card tray.
If any of the sensors are tripped then the warranty would be voided.
Putting the phone in a bag of rice is a known method to draw out moisture but this wouldn't reset any tripped sensors.

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yes, I noticed it also happens when taken out of the handbag, and I'd not complaint when only this is the case. it happens often as I said, in a room with constant moisture level. in the evening I went to sleep with 30% of battery and warning preventing to charge and in the morning the warning was still there and only 22% of battery which is honestly good for an hour of operation. I don't know where the moisture sensors are, and I don't care, I believe they are either not calibrated or the moisture level warning threshold is set too low as I'm telling you the phone was nowhere near the water since unboxed. and I want to hear solution of the Samsung experts. my old S5 mini is also waterproof and I had never issue with it. Samsung starts to suck, battery burning, recent S8 pixel issues and so on...

i think samsung should recall the phones due to this issue


i got this new phone 5days ago and now i getting the charge issue and even though the phone is waterproof i not even had it in water so if its down to having it my pocket to cause this issue this is completly *****


so if the phone doesnt fix itself tomorrow i be contacting retail where i got the phone from and most likly change to a different brand phone


i think many other people who having issues are going to go a different direction if they dont come up with something to solve this issue ive never had a phone with a problem like this

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ive had mine 5days im sending it back and most likly im going to swap to a different brand seem to many issues with samsung now same with s8 i heard


so if my phone doesnt fix itself by tomorrow i going to take back to store and replace it with different brand

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Guys.. clean the USB port and also the 3.5 mm jack. that solved mine.

"moisture has been detected Samsung A5 2017"

To protect the usb port buy a magnetic charging cable

well i got it replaced with another


but i might see if theres a usb cover i heard the magnetic after a while break

Issue disappeared itself few days after my original post. No idea what caused it and what resolved it.

im guessing the sensor maybe to sensitive

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Switch off your phone and charge it.

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