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S8 smart lock - trusted location issue




the smart lock - trusted location option is not working as it should do.

i've set up my home address as a trusted location, however, my S8 device is unlocked everywhere.

just realised this while i was in the office, that i can access my device withouth using the PIN or the fingerprint.

i've oppend the maps and the location that it shows up is correct. 2miles away from my home address.


the only workaround that i found was to turn off the trusted location, and now the device is asking for the PIN.


this is a serious security issue. the trusted location option is not that trusted :smiling-face:


any idea?




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The GPS coordinates wandering could explain a whole lot of things. It would be sad to have to go through the process to root the phone and put in a custom ROM to have this one feature working. However, I have always rooted my phones in the past and no doubt I will someday root this one when I find a feature I cannot have any other way 🙂 Good luck!

I could live with the GPS being goofy but not being able to use WiFi calling when I have no cell service here is a major issue so it's just compounding now, and that was supposed to be xda not cad

This is an update to my post yesterday about getting location unlock to work reliably.   Besides doing the following:
1-Disable 'Smart lock' in your Trust Agents under your security settings.
2-Reboot into recovery and wipe your cache.
3-Reboot into System.
4-Re-enable 'Smart Lock' in yout Trust Agents under your security settings.

I found that when the screen went into lock mode for a while, the phone
GPS turned off and so the "Smart Lock" wouldn't work. I found an app
called "GPS Keeper". Once I installed that app, the GPS stayed on all
the time (unless one used the app to turn it off when not wanted) and
the "Smart Unlock" works perfectly all the time now. I also found that
on my Galaxy S8 that app when on uses the battery at a 0.15% rate, which
would be 3.6% in 24 hours. Perfectly acceptable in my case, especially
as I can turn it of when not wanted.

Hope this latest information helps someone.

Got the app mentioned and got my location lock back, would be ideal to not need a third party app to get basic functionality but glad it's working

I´ve installed this app and the trusted location still works intermitent.


Sometimes it works.. sometimes not.


I think Samsung would should fix this bug, without a 3rd part app...

This might be silly but I was having the same issues and couldn't figure it out. Make sure you don't have the option selected to immediately lock your phone at the press of the power key. I always turn off my screen with the lock key and that must override the unlock at trusted locations. Mine works all the time now. 

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The trusted location is not working for me. I figure the following solution:

I had recently added a new wifi router and network. I deleted the old trusted location. 

And added it back. Works for me.

This worked. Even though Google maps was showing me at the correct place reporting an error worked. Thank you.
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I set the location services from high accuracy to phone only (GPS only) and that seems to have done the trick for me. 

How do i do that Alex? Clear the phones Cache?

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