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S8 oreo create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen


How to create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen in s8 oreo.........


please help.


thanks in advance.


Hi there


Yes, set up through Microsoft Intune Company Portal which also installed Knox.  


I would have though such an option as I have shown would have been available to all given it seems to be such a necessary config option. 


Are you guys saying in your options you dont see this?



Damien Rosario 

We dont get this with normal setup, only business (enterprise) set ups get the extra workspace options. :manfrustrated:



Saw that when I played with it yesterday. Not great considering it's a simple, but necessary, feature that should be available. 


I hope they fix it soon!



Damien Rosario 


Hello guys


I had the same issue. What worked for me in the end was installing the microsoft launcher and reinstalling the secure folder apps. Afterwards i found the secure folder shortcuts in the app list of the microsoft launcher.


Hope i could help.



I just received the Oreo update and immediately noticed the secure folder apps were gone from the home screen. Please consider this my vote for having that capability restored.


I also immediately noticed the problem after Oreo update.  The absence of shortcuts on home screen to secure folder apps after upgrade lowers productivity. I cannot really enjoy the Oreo without it as I cannot see number of new mails on home screen. I welcome return of ability to export calendar from secure folder which was removed in Nougat upgrade. It seems every upgrade removes something and worsens the experience compared to original release of Galaxy S7.  Please consider this my vote for having that capability restored.

Thank you noah1312, I can confirm that the Microsoft Launcher detects Secure Folder apps and adds their shortcuts semi-automatically to the apps list.

To force-add a shortcut I just reinstalled the secure folder instance of an app.

The feature was one of my main reasons for getting an S8 because it made it so simple to manage personal and work-related apps separately.

It was last updated in January so it looks like Samsung has ceased development on this thing and we never heard back from them here in the forum.

found an even better way to add secure folder apps to the Microsoft Launcher apps list:


Disable the app, then re-enable it




I would like an official response from Samsung on this issue.


It's been almost 6 months since the issue was caused by the Oreo update.


Will Secure Folder be updated to allow app shortcuts on the home screen again, as was the case in Nougat?


I had purchased a Galaxy S8 specifically for the ability to have the same app installed twice, one for personal use and once for work use inside the Secure Folder.


I don't understand why you would take away such a basic feature. It makes all the work that went into building Secure Folder seem rather pointless. 


I'll be upgrading to a new phone soon and if this feature isn't going to be added again then my next phone will certainly not be a Samsung.





Please help

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