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S8 oreo create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen


How to create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen in s8 oreo.........


please help.


thanks in advance.

Many thanks for the follow up,
from my understanding, secure folder is an app, anything is programable because it's an app, it should be possible, isn't it ? or revert back to the previous version of the app, is that possible ?

Same problem here on S8 plus, as I have 3 banking apps in my secure folder it's very inconvenient. Hope Samsung release a workaround for this. 🙄


that's awful. I hope that Samsung is going to fix it. I can say that Secure Folder is one of the main reason I buy Samsung phones.


Shortcuts were very useful for me...


Hi guys. The software team have replied to me.


To confirm: Oreo does not allow users to have homescreen shortcuts to apps in the Secure Folder.


However, in the light of the feedback you guys have given, our software team have made a suggestion to Samsung HQ to see if this can be changed. We're unable to give a timescale for how that'll go, but we'll definitely keep you posted on any news we hear on it.

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tq for the follow up,

hope it'd be possible....

waiting for further respon....


I just got a galaxy s9 and I'm so disappointed. I use this phone for business and the fact that it doesn't have it sucks. Also why cant I stream videos while it's still in the process of downloading. I feel like I lost features instead of gained them


@AntS: Thanks, even if the answer is not very optimistic. Hopefeully, Samsung HQ will consider it all and will bring this functionality back to use. Without it, my productivity unfortunately goes down.



How can I contact Samsung team to suggest to make shortcuts back?

The more suggestions they will receive and the more will be the possibility shortcuts will come back.


I too wanted to add my voice.  Have an S8 and got the Oreo update yesterday and both my work email and calendar icons are missing from home screen.  Very inconvenient to go to secure folder and launch the programs from there.


Same here. Just updated S8 to Oreo and this was the first thing I noticed: all shortcuts from secure folder gone. And is not just the shortcut but also the unread notifications number from that shortcut that was available on homescreen directly. Since I have like 20 apps in secure folder (work email, work apps, banking apps and so on) now I need to open Secure Folder and scroll and then open app. Annoying. And worrying: if there is a problem so big that they could not fix it, this means that secure folder on prev versions isn't that secure?

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