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S8 oreo create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen


How to create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen in s8 oreo.........


please help.


thanks in advance.

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I have the same problem, with my previous S7 I could have shortcuts to secure folder applications on the home screens, now with S8 (Oreo) I can not create a shortcut outside of secure folder. :mansad:



before the oreo update, i can create an app shortcut from secure folder to home screen, but after the oreo update (samsung exp 9) that option is not there, and all the shorcut (from secure folder) in home screen are gone.


I tried factory reset my phone, but still no luck, look like the update, disable the function to create shortcut from secure folder.


please make it possible again to create app shortcut from secure folder......, can i roll back to previous version of secure folder ?


please help...

Same issue here.I'd like to have a statement from samsung regarding this issue. Safe folder is extremely important to me, but without shortcuts it's close to pointless from a productivity point of view...fix this please.


Hi guys. :robothappy:


I've asked our software team about this one, and will get back to you as soon as I can with an answer for you.

Hello, any answer yet? Also, could you clarify if the same change was made on the galaxy s9 that you can't shortcut anything anymore out of the secure folder?

@AntS: Please do. I'm also dealing with the same issue and it really is a showstopper for a KNOX secure folder.
Looking forward to any solution. 

Hi robert,
A friend of mine that has this issue wrote an e mail to samsung.He received a reply from them. They stated that this feature wont be available anymore due to a change in security policy from google.It seems from the mail that google is behind this rather than samsung.It looks like we can forget about shortcuts..😑 sorry for the news.

Hello @Bakfiets,

thanks for the SAD information. I really believe that this is not a permanent STATE as for me it critically changes my perception of use of KNOX.

I'll still wait also for final feedback from @AntS but knowing that it probaby will be the same as you've already provided.



Hi guys.


No answer on this as of yet, but the software team have replied to me saying that they are looking into it.

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