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S8 drops call on every single call.

(Topic created on: 30/11/17 20:51)
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 Since upgrading to the S8 my calls are dropping on every call I make/receive. I'm on the Vodafone network and have been told to try a different SIM card. I don't have another SIM but the calls don't drop on my old S7. I'm thinking it's a phone issue. Yesterday it took me 4 re-dails to cancel my TV service! I have never spoken so fast in my life. 😃

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Superuser I
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Hi @Kerry_Loo


Are you using your current SIM card in the s7 and it’s working fine ?


Does this issue happen everywhere or in one location ?


If the SIM card is working fine in the s7 but not in the s8 then I’d suggest to try these in order,


Clear the phones apps data and cache. 


Shut the phone off and then from a set of button presses enter into the phones file system and then clear the system cache. 


Back up and factory reset. 


Visit a Samsung Service Location or go back to Vodafone. Vodafone uk have a 30 day Network Satisfaction Guarantee where they’d swap out the phone. If your past that then they’d send it away to be looked at. 


My advice if this is the option from Vodafone then if you can go to a Samsung Service Location and or Samsung Experience Store. 


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