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Re: Community Feedback

(Topic created on: 29-08-2017 11:29 PM)
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avh-x8700bt pioneer connect to samsung s7


Hello Lee 

I have just invested in a new car stereo system from Halfords. Avh-x8700bt pioneer. This product is advertised as being android compatible. After it being installed I can connect up through Bluetooth to make phone calls and listen to any of my music. 

But alas it does not mirror link. This was the whole reason why I brought this product so I could look at my maps on a bigger screen while driving. 

I have downloaded Android auto. > settings > connect with my car > my car is not coming up for me to select it. 






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Plese help
I have just brought the avh-x8700bt pioneer car stereo system from Halfords. This was installed today. Everything but the mirror link worked.
I connected with Bluetooth. I made a phone call. I listened to music.
I download the the android auto app so I can mirror link my screen to my new stereo screen. The sole purpose of me buying this £450 radio was so I can have my maps on a bigger screen.

I was then told by another member of the Halfords team that it was pointless me trying to connect to mirror link with my Samsung s7 edge. as it won't work and this is a default with Samsung. And all of their stereo systems in store that say they are android compatible do not connect with Samsung ...And I am to change my phone to another android device (NOT samsung) or change to an iPhone.
Or uninstall the stereo system to get my money back.

I have youtube'd. I have read forums... Please tell me the magic words to fix this. I just want to mirror my screen

I downloaded android auto app. This doesn't connect to my car

I then tried > settings > about device > software info > build number > tapped until developer is enabled > developer options > usb debugging > Ian configuration > MTP ..... This did NOT work

Any help before I rip out the stereo system and boycott Halfords for selling  then installing a system that does not work with my Samsung.


Hi do pioneer have any service centres as it would also be worth checking with them as they are the manufacturer they will know how there own products work better than any one else also it would be better with a second opinion 

Hope you get it sorted