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Today at 2 AM my Samsung S8 started notifying me every few minutes that my Samsung account session had expired. After getting Processing Failed after my attempt to enter my password I found out, much to my dismay, I could not turn off the notification sound, even when I went into System Apss and actually turned it off.


Now, whenever I go to use my phone and every few minutes, it notifies me with a loud tone that my Samsung account session has expired. I tried resetting my password, which works everywhere except my guess it: Processing Failed. It would not bother me, but for some reason I can not turn of the notification sound that plays every few minutes. 


Now let me make myself clear, I do not care about my Samsung account. Not one bit. If there is a way to remove the app from my phone, please tell me: I will gladly delete my account here too. All I want is a phone that does not play notfication sounds every few minutes.


Soon to be former customer,

Thank you.

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Hey guys i think everybody can agree how annoying this problem really is, every phone call every app lets be honest really all you had to do was pick up the phone and its started! I think like most of you i tried it all, putting in the password, reseting the pasword and even cancelling auto sync etc. Now by accident i think i found the soloution due to the lack of information from samsung! When you log into the samsung website the fun starts, basically evrything is out of date,  it mentions that nothing has changed in 6 months and that you need to redo your password and except new data laws etc. Maybe i got an email onceupon time, but like most i think i only use the samsung sync because thats what we do when we set up the phone otherthan that i have no interest in it. I hope this at least for some of you happy guys out there because lets face it smasung is still way ahead of iphone even with these small little niggles

log into the smasung website thats where the fun starts, accepting new data laws etc etc redo your password because it has not been changed in 6 months. i dont think its a glitch just poorly informed from samsung and because these points are outdated no matter what you do on the phone nothing matters. hope this helps


no bug annoying as it is, just a lack of info from samsung. you have to log into the samsung website and accept data laws etc, redo your password retype email etc etc because they have not beenn changed in 6 months. i only did this with a computer so logging in over the phone i couldnt tell you

Hi folks.

I got a rather long email from Samsung about how to stop this...after I had stopped it!  They said to delete account if password not accepted then create a new account.

However my problem has not occured again since closing down then rebooting phone and as Samsung name comes on screen I hold the volume down and shut down buttons on my phone together, to force a Safe Mode. In safe mode I managed to get into my account with a password I had to redo about 5 times. I then waited a few mins and rebooted phone as normal and have had no problems since fir last few days. I contacted Samsung through Messenger, far better I can tell you. 

How do I access the samsung members app

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I've had the same problem, although that I couldn't do anything I that needed the Samsung account for. I just logged in here, which worked, and updated my name and date of birth as well as agreed to the new terms and conditions. I could log in after that.

I've got exactly the same problem on my J3.  I've just tried to send a report as explained by the moderator but of course I can't log in to do this because it just comes up wth 'Processing failed'.  And then I emmediately got 9 'Session espires' notifications in quick succession.  It's driving me batty

Same issues here.  Changed my samsung account password earlier today,  since this I get the processing failed message on my S8. Have tried updating details on the website and have tried the safe mode tip. Neither worked unfortunately and the constant notifications are very annoying. Any other ideas? 

Also had the same issue just pop up while changing my password today - cant seem to get rid of the notifications. Keeps saying "processing failed". 


Very poor form from Samsung to not have this fixed seeing as its been a problem since last year!


Any updates on how to solve this? Guess this means I cant use the findmyphone and another services if I happen to lose my phone because I'm not properly logged into samsung on my phone! 


If it's in one... Take it out its smart case. Solved it for me.

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