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Today at 2 AM my Samsung S8 started notifying me every few minutes that my Samsung account session had expired. After getting Processing Failed after my attempt to enter my password I found out, much to my dismay, I could not turn off the notification sound, even when I went into System Apss and actually turned it off.


Now, whenever I go to use my phone and every few minutes, it notifies me with a loud tone that my Samsung account session has expired. I tried resetting my password, which works everywhere except my guess it: Processing Failed. It would not bother me, but for some reason I can not turn of the notification sound that plays every few minutes. 


Now let me make myself clear, I do not care about my Samsung account. Not one bit. If there is a way to remove the app from my phone, please tell me: I will gladly delete my account here too. All I want is a phone that does not play notfication sounds every few minutes.


Soon to be former customer,

Thank you.

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Quick follow up: Not only do I get the notification at intervals, but every time I unlock and lock my phone. It plays the notification tone 3 -4 times (even though it is turned off in the settings). The best part is that it opens the login page and a popup window that I have to press to be able to either enter my password (PROCESSING FAILED) or to close the login window to use the phone, while the notification sound plays 3 - 4 times.

If I seem agitated, it is because I am. This is completely unacceptable. Please understand, if I was able to enter my password, which works EVERYWHERE except my phone, I would not be here. However, I can not and you programmed your OS to reminded every few minutes of this fact.

So there either is a bug or a poorly designed security feature.

My galaxy s8 has done this today too. I've reset my password and it also says processing failed. As you're having the issue today, I wonder if this is a bug! But yes it's really irritating! Watching this post to find an answer! 

Same problem here with an S9. Very frustrating. 

Hi @lordbase@ProcessingFail and @Goggles. Are you able to send an error report as soon as this happens? To do this, launch the ‘Samsung Members App’ > Support > Send Feedback > Error Report. Do any of you have a Samsung account linked to another phone? 

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Got the exact same issue here.


Nothing has changed on my phone. And my Samsung account works fine, including signing up to post this!


Samsung please fix, the incessant notifications are extremely distracting.

Interesting. I just tried to log in to the Samsung members app to submit a bug report.


It appears that just doing that has fixed the issue.

Hmmm, that is interesting, @Squiffy1. Keep us posted if it happens again. 

Yup mine doing same "proccesion failed" whenever I put password in, tried the Samsung members app but says I need to sign in which it says procession failed again.

Hi @CarlH as per Squiffy1's post, it seems that opening the App to log in works, just not opening it via the notification. Notifications have now gone away.
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