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Today at 2 AM my Samsung S8 started notifying me every few minutes that my Samsung account session had expired. After getting Processing Failed after my attempt to enter my password I found out, much to my dismay, I could not turn off the notification sound, even when I went into System Apss and actually turned it off.


Now, whenever I go to use my phone and every few minutes, it notifies me with a loud tone that my Samsung account session has expired. I tried resetting my password, which works everywhere except my guess it: Processing Failed. It would not bother me, but for some reason I can not turn of the notification sound that plays every few minutes. 


Now let me make myself clear, I do not care about my Samsung account. Not one bit. If there is a way to remove the app from my phone, please tell me: I will gladly delete my account here too. All I want is a phone that does not play notfication sounds every few minutes.


Soon to be former customer,

Thank you.


Same problem here on my S8. I had the same issue few years ago, maybe even on my S6, but cant remember how i fixed it then. But for now I guess I'll have to keep receiving notifications again every few minutes (sometimes even seconds) since I'm kinda tired of it


In case this is of use to anyone having the same problem - I fixed it by logging into my Samsung account on my computer, clicking through to the 'Find My Mobile' page, and accepting the the new privacy policy/terms and conditions.

so how exactly did you do that process you just put your info in your samsung account and then logged in ? because for me it only says processing failed and thats it. Can you help me out ?

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I had this issue too, what I did was go to settings, scroll down to apps and tapped on it, tapped the three dots icon in the top right corner, tapped show system apps, scrolled down until I found Samsung experience service and tapped on it, and tapped on storage, and lastly pressed clear cache. I basically cleared cache on the source of the problem. I hope this works for you.


I was having trouble today logging into my account. After trying everything I finally turned google login on using my laptop and I was then able to login through my google account 

Ya I'm having the same problem with signing in keeps saying processing can failed I'm not to good with all the inernet works my husband was the ***** on doing these for me, but he just passed away from cancer and idk what to do with out him please someone help me out thank you for your time. Angela

Hi, sorry for you loss. In order for me to sign in I logged into my samsung account on my laptop updated some info and clicked enable google sign in.  So if you haven't got a google account set one up and login to it on your phone first then login to your samsung account using google sign in. It was the only thing that worked for me. Hope that  helps.


I am having the same problem with my samsung 9. I can log into my old phone and my computer with no problems. I Haven't had any problem until the last couple of weeks. It constantly tells me to log in but says processing failed.

I looged into my samsung account on my oc and enabled goole login. Went back to sign in on my phone and signed into my samsung account using my google account.

Samsung Account Processing Failed

This error has been bothering Samsung users for a couple of years, but to-date Samsung has NOT given a proper answer. Have they even thought of investigating this issue?

If you search the web, this error is NOT specific to a certain model/s. It hapens at random to any Samsung Account. Many tips and tricks are mentioned, but it is very clear that NOTHING works! Eventually, the problem disappear on its own. The Samsung user has only one choice, wait, wait, wait and pray that his/her account will one day be OK.


SAMSUNG, am I 100% correct here? Would love and appreciate YOUR advice... soon!

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