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Problems getting some calls

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So apparently my work tried to call me today but they couldnt get through. When I got there I even tried using their phone to call and my cell. Neither their phone nor mine rang. Anyone have any insight into this? Ive got the s8. Does wifi calling make a difference?

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Superuser I

Does this only happen with one incoming number @Mab6644 ?


If so check the phone's call blocking feature.


As a process of elimination can you insert your sim card in another phone to rule out the sim card or account at issue.


Calling Over WiFi is another form of connection if the mobile network signal fails and wouldnt make a difference imo.



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Well, no one else has mentioned that they couldn't get through but I might not be aware of the calls ive missed because of it. I checked the blocked numbers and I dont think that's the issue but im planning on trying again later today. Ill try your suggestion about the sim card though. thanks!

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