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Predictive Text Not Appearing

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Hi, I'm having problems with my Note 8. Predictive text is definitely on but the bar does not appear on certain apps like the Internet Google Search bar. Has anybody else had this problem? It just disappeared randomly. Was working fine and then gone. HELP!!!


Hey @BigBossMan! Let's perform a soft reset on your phone: 

1. Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for about 10 seconds.*
2. If a warning pops up, press the volume down button.

*The device may take a screenshot, however keep holding the buttons for a few more seconds.


Also, please ensure you've followed these steps for the Predictive Text options:

Has this fixed your problem?:robothappy:

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Hi Carolina

Thank you for coming back to me so soon. Unfortunately that didnt work. The predicitive text appears on apps such as SMS Messaging and Mail but not when I use the internet or other apps. I've read online and it appears to be a common problem with other users as well. Seems to be a software issue that came out of nowhere. Please help.
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Download Google keyboard and set it up. Works perfectly

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