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Oreo beta program galaxy s8 how do I sign up where and when


I have seen a lot of post on various sites stating that the oreo beta update program starts on the 31st of October, what I want to know is how do I sign up for the program, and where, as these various sites have said you need to go onto the galaxy app store and download the beta up, I've tried this and can not find it anywhere, if anyone has any idea please help.


Thank you in advance 

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Guys chill out! It is coming to the UK and Oreo on the S8 is expected to be officially released around Feb 2018. I am in the UK and last week after going on the samsung members app i was able to download and install Oreo Beta but i reverted. The beta was available to simfree s8 uk handsets last week but now they have removed the option to download the beta. Your not missing much other than many bugs. Its coming be patient x

I also reverted back way too many it's plus I couldn't pair my s3 frontier watch
No point having an expensive gadget and can't use it lol
I'm sure samsung will iron the problems out and be more stable in the next update
The battery was pretty solid I must say and it was also snappy ..
Thing will be good come next year ..

@braggster  that' why I reverted back to nougat, my s3 frontier watch would connect but if I walked a few feet away from my phone I would lose Bluetooth connection something that never happened on nougat update I know there' bugs in the Oreo beta update and I'm sure Samsung will iron them out before the final release but I'm happy for now being back on nougat 7.0 atleast I can walk into my kitchen and still have bluetooth connection


My daily driver is the Galaxy S8 which seems to have a mind of its own and I got mine 2 months ago on contract. It seems to crash with 3 of my games and also some apps that don't require much effort to run such as Facebook & Twitter both have crashed every few days and don't know if it's my phone is every S8 but I physically need a huge update or might have to sell this and get a worse phone that works better.


@BandOfBrothers wrote:

I’ll take a look too but isn’t Oreo Android 8.0 out of Beta and being pushed out to phones ?


8.1 is in Beta. 


I’m just awaiting for Samsung to push it out to my phone. 




@Stephengrnwy wrote:
I'm not holding my breath for beta Samsung should take a leaf out of Apple's books beta available for all networks not just a couple of networks and selected countries I'm in uk so going to miss out what a disappointment for such a large company so slow.


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Hola a todos me párese que la gente de Samsung nos están tomando de *****as a todos .por el simple echo que se supone que venden celulares unos de los mejores y más caros pero a la ***** de las actualizaciones te hacen esperar como un condenado .más espero a la gente que apuestan a usted y seguimos comprando sus telefonos

Oreo beta program just available in some country, like USA, UK, India. So, if your country not arrange on these, you can't try it.



Samsung hurry up always 1 year delayfor update. S8 is a solid smartphone but google pixel, one plus and other chinese brands are embarrassing you. Even also bixby came late and doesnt do anything better than G. Assistant.. Lost of money and time and all for taking our data to se it to third parties. New business.
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