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Opinion/Question - Is anyone else confused by the Note20/Note20 Ultra Leaks?

(Topic created on: 23-07-2020 08:46 AM)
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Hey there! 🙂

Just thought I'd post this as I'm trying to work out if anyone else is thinking the same way, or if I'm just dumb. I had a look at GSMArena's Note20 leaks which suggest that Samsung might be releasing the Note20 base model with a plastic back and a few other nerfed features, like no microSD support, 8GB of RAM (which is still loads, providing Google/Samsung optimize their software well), 1080p 60hz display (again, still pretty good, but my base model S20 has a 1440p display. Also, where's 120Hz mode?). 

I know Samsung released the Note10 base model with no microSD and a 1080p screen. Is it just me that's a bit confused by Samsung's spec offerings on their Note devices? I'm also confused that my base model S20 supports microSD cards and has a glass back, yet the (possibly more expensive) Note20 base model won't. 

IMO, Samsung should just go back to releasing the 1 Note phone, like with the Note9, and make it the ultimate phone - like an S20 Ultra with an S-Pen. Having several different Note models is confusing, and it's diluting the brand.

Sorry if this turned into a rant, and hey, pop your opinions in below and share your take on this stuff. 

Stay safe, and keep on being awesome! 😉
Tom 🙂

(Also, in case anyone thought I might be some sorta Apple fanboy/anti-Samsung guy, don't worry, I've got an S20 5G which I love, a Tab S5e which is also amazing (God, the speakers on this thing are killer), and a pair of Galaxy Buds+ which are awesome, although I can't wait to see if Samsung add more features like Spatial Sound through an update)

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I've been following the leaks and rumours both on various tech blogs and YouTube @CrazyTom2k2 


Kinda crazy how things become as the frenzy increases.


We all know some specs will be right and some fantasy and assumption.


Maybe even Samsung release such leaks to get people's interest going _ who knows !


Personally I take it all with a pinch of salt and just enjoy the journey 😉 


I'll certainly be looking at the specs when they release the Samsung Note 20 phone(s).


I've listened to Samsung s20 owners in respect to the refresh rate and some say you can see the difference at first but then you just get used to it and see past it.


I'm in the Uk so I'll also be looking at early adopters opinions of how the Exynos Chipset handles the new refresh rate / battery optimisation too.


The Exynos Chipset appears to me to handle my Samsung Note10 5G very well.


Here's to an interesting journey.


🌈 Stay Safe & Stay Alert.  🌈 



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