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Onedrive + Gallery Sort Photos/Videos

(Topic created on: 18-06-2021 11:32 AM)


I've been having some major issues trying to properly sync/sort my photos & videos from my Gallery app to Onedrive. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8 but I assume my issues are not related to my phone but to the Gallery app.

There are a few things that I don't understand:

1. When I delete anything from my Gallery app it also deletes the Onedrive backup file... is there any way for me to avoid this? In the Gallery settings there's an option to "Free up phone space" and it seems really risky to do that since local file deletion seems to affect my Onedrive files as well. This gets me to issue No. 2:

2. Even if the Onedrive files were not affected by local file deletion I wouldn't wanna do it because re-downloading files from Onedrive to my local storage changes the sort order of the files! On my Onedrive folder everything is properly sorted because the correct metadata is available but the Gallery app seems to ignore the metadata and just uses the last modify date.

If I ever lose my phone or move to a new one the Gallery app won't display my photos/videos correctly just because it doesn't use the correct metadata to display my files. Why is there no sort option in the app??

Please someone tell me I'm stupid and I'm missing something obvious here but to me it seems like the Onedrive integration is very poor and makes me reconsider my choice of buying additional Onedrive storage to sync my photos/videos.

I agree. It seems to work in a similar way to 'photos' on iPhone. It's a 'sync' rather than a backup - but what's the point?

I personally use Google Photos, which works exactly as it should- a backup which is always available when you move to a new phone.