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Major Faults on S7 Edge

(Topic created on: 10-07-2017 06:06 AM)
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I purchased an S7 edge alongside a friend as i decided to switch from apple to android. At first everything seemed fine except i noticed my home button was slightly more flimsy and didn't have a nice 'click' feel when comparing with my friend, however i thought i would deal with it and it wasn't a problem. But then a few months later i started noticing a pink line running down the screen, it would come and go, and finally after looking everywhere on the internet i found a temporary solution, by pressing the top of the pink line, inbetween the frame and screen it would make the pink line go away. Come a month later, and this method did no longer work, and after dealing with this frustrating problem, i decided to finally contact samsung. Through using the live chat feature i was told that the only solution was to hand in my phone to get it repaired, i was also told i woukd receive the phone back the same day, or if not, receive a new S7 Edge. And so i decided to go to the samsung store today, as i walked in the store, the concierge at the door asked me what the problem was, I told her and then she told me to speak to the engineer, (London Samsung Store 9 July, i got there at 12:30) i also asked whether she thought i could get the problem fixed the same day, of which she confirmed. While i was waiting in this unorganised line for the engineer, a different samsung employee approached and once again i told him the situation, however this time he said that i would hand the phone in, and it would need to be repaired in a manner where all my data would be lost. He also told me that i would probably get it back within 2-3 Days Time!!! And it may be longer if they did not have the parts. So i told him that i woukd back my data up, and he told me to come see him after, so there i soent 1 hour using my mobile data to backup my phone. And of which close to the end i overheard  one employee tell snother to help a different customer to backup the phone in store, which really frustrated me, why did the employee not tell me i could have backed up in store rather then have to use nearly all of my mobile data to do this. So anyways, i finished backing my phone up and went to find the employee who told me to back my phone up. When i went to see him, he told me that he could not help as i needed to lign up, and here you know it after spending an hour and a half of my life i had to line up for another queue. However this was no ordianry queue, i was 12th in line and so at first thought this cant be that bad, 30 mins max, nope i was competely incorrect i was there untill 4:00 once again sitting hoplessly just waiting.and finally it was my turn. I did not get the same employee as to which i had spoken to before, but a new one. I walked over and once again explained the situation, and this is where i got really frustrated, he told me the exact same thing as the previous guy, but instead told me that it woukd take 3 days at least, if they had the parts that is. So HERE I WAS THINKING, WHY DONT YOU GO CHECK IF YOU HAVE THE PARTS AND TELL ME. But no, he doesn't, so i asked him about getting a replacement phone as both my home button and the pink line are clearly manufacture defects and he told me that is completely against samsung policy, which blew my mind, i have had people tell me this, samsung emplyees tell me this, basically every ohine manufacture would give me a replacement phone, apple, sony, etc. Obviously i could not wait 3 days which could turn out to be even longer, Samsung I am very very dissappointed, i have just wasted a whole day for nothing, only to have the exact same problem. 

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Hello @Igorappelboom


I totally understand how this would have been frustrating for you. 


I owned the Samsung Galaxy s7 edge and after approx 6 months it too developed the pink line on the screen which is typically a hardware fault with the screen, so the actual screen needs replacing.


Where you were pressing on the screen is the point where the connection is between the screen and internal board.


Also another option is to invoke a test panel on the phone which brings up different coloured screens which helps with stuck pixels. 


I bought my s7 edge from the Samsung Experience Store which at the time was Carphone Warehouse run (they are now property owned and run by Samsung now), in my home city centre so returned there.


On going upstairs there was also a line of people awaiting.


When I returned back to the downstairs showroom area the salesperson I always deal with asked if I'd been sorted, and when I explained I was short on time and there was a line of people upstairs he himself popped upstairs to check if any screens were in, and they didn't but he knew that my local actual Carphone Warehouse Store down the city centre street did.


I duly handed it to the Carphone Warehouse Store and my phone was booked in for the work to be carried out. 


Obviously I understood my phone would have been booked in a line behind other repairs needed on other phones handed in before mine.


Only so many phones can be repaired per day and if I'm honest I wanted all the due care and time spent on mine and not rushed. I always keep a back up phone just in case. 


I didn't need to perform a Back-Up while there as I have my Back-Ups set to automatic. 


The work took two working days which I found reasonable. 


I appreciate your viewpoint on having to rejoin the line of people awaiting to be seen and in my opinion the Shop employee should have acted to get you seen.


Perhaps Saying out loud to you in front of the other waiting people something like "Ok, it's great you've now completed your Back-Ip, let's get your phone booked in" would have alerted the others waiting that you had been there before them would have stopped any ill feeling of them thinking you were possibly que jumping !


The Samsung Experience Store do have internal Wifi for there use for demo models of phones etc, but if asked they can and will hook a phone up to their wifi connection if asked. 


I do this because I always open up the retail box in the store to carefully check all over the phone for any aesthetic issues and that it works ok. And to check all ports and buttons.  


Samsung Stores will issue out a new phone if the current one has developed a fault within the first 30 days. After that the 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty kicks in. 


I note you mentioned Apple ~ Apple have only a 12 Month Manufacturing Warranty but do generally swap out the iPhone if they can't remedy the issue in the store via their GeniusBar if the issue(s) are not user caused.


However if their 1 year warranty is up then they only offer an out of Warranty Replacement at a cost, or direct you back to who supplied the iPhone i.e A Mobile Network if supplied on contract. 


I personally would have asked for a new phone straightaway and not put up with it if the button didn't feel right because all things considered I'm paying over £600+ for a phone that needs to be right. 


I appreciate not having a phone for possibly 3 days is inconvenient. As I mentioned earlier this is why I have a cheap Smartphone which cost £30 as a back up. 


It was your informed decision to either submit the phone for repair or leave it as it currently is.


Technology can and will fail.

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